Base Introduction

China (Shaoxing)
China (Shaoxing)

It takes up 4 hectares with over 550 employees. Top-notch equipment have been introduced to the Base and currently there are over 150 sets of seamless knitting machines from SANTONI, Italy, as well as dyeing, pre-setting machines controlled by computer program. All sewing machines are imported from Japan. The annual capacity of seamless apparel manufacturing exceeds 9 million pieces. Technical development and production service are delivered to globally well-known brands.

China (Guizhou)
China (Guizhou)

Guizhou Dingsheng Garment Co., Ltd. takes up 37,000 m2 in space, specialized in upscale seamless manufacturing, with annual capacity of 12 million pieces. There are over 1,200 employees now.

Guizhou Jasan Sportswear Co., Ltd. takes up 32 mu in space, which initiated production since June 2021. The total investment amounts to 140 million RMB, with annual capacity of 2,000 tons of spandex yarn coverage. Spandex Yarn Coverage Plant owns 157 sets of machines to produce elastane for socks and covered yarn for seamless.

Vietnam (Hung Yen)
Vietnam (Hung Yen)

Covering an area of 9 hectares, the plant produces dyeing yarn, nylon, spandex as the raw material for socks, with annual capacity of 9,000 tons.

For seamless apparel, currently owns about 300 knitting machines from SANTONI with annual capacity of 32 million pieces, and it plans to further increase the capacity with 400 knitting machines by 2025.

Product Center

Seamless Apparel

① Side laser-cut pockets for easy storage;

② Double mixed fabric;

③ Back cross strip design elegant support;

④ Suitable for cycling, boxing, weight training and other moderate intensity sports;

⑤ Japan imported yarn, contact cold, glossy cloth surface;

⑥ Water absorption and quick drying function, help to maintain a comfortable feeling after exercise;

⑦ Suitable for moderate intensity exercise such as yoga Pilates and hiking.