Keep up with the Pace of the Times to Continue to Carry forward the Private Enterprise "Four Thousand" Spirit


In response to questions from Chinese and foreign journalists after the closing session of the 14th National People's Congress on the morning of March 13, Premier Li Qiang said that when Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces developed their self-employed private economies and township enterprises, they created the "four thousand" spirit, that is, to travel thousands of mountains and rivers, speak thousands of words, try every means and go through endless hardships. (According to Xinhuanet)

"Four Thousand" spirit is a kind of commercial spirit, is also a slogan, originated in the reform and opening up period of Zhejiang Province, is a positive guide to business workers, but also a precious spiritual wealth of the people of Zhejiang. Premier Li Qiang's reintroduction of the "Four Thousand" spirit in today's new situation is not only to boost the confidence of private entrepreneurs in starting their own enterprises, but also to promote the driving force of "second entrepreneurship" in the private economy, so that entrepreneurs can keep up with the pace of the Times, dare to try and be the first, and enhance the awareness of innovation.

In the 2023 annual work conference of Jasan Group last month, Mr. Zhang Maoyi, President of Jasan Group, also mentioned the "four thousand" spirit in his speech: to solve the uncertain development environment, we need the "four thousand" spirit.

"It is difficult to start a business." At the beginning of a business, almost all of them are self-made, and the difficulties they face can be imagined. Zhejiang businessmen have always been known for being able to bear hardships and stand hard work. President Mr. Zhang Maoyi, a prominent figure in Zhejiang businessmen, recalled in the 2023 annual work conference that there was no factory in the beginning of the business, but he rented the barracks of Jiangshan Army and started from a small workshop. I was a boss, a salesman, and a mechanic. Explore the way of doing business, through running plans, taking indicators, looking for the market, open product marketing channels, expand sales and improve economic benefits. We have been adhering to the enterprise tradition of "hard work, diligence and frugality", doing things pragmatical, say what you will, do it when you have decided, open the road when you meet mountains, bridge when you meet rivers, and go straight to the goal. In order to achieve our goal, we must overcome all difficulties, leave no stone unturned and use all means. Through thousands of mountains and rivers, say thousands of words, try every means, eat untold hardships, because of this, we can in the changing sea of commerce neutral footing. At present, due to the combined impact of the epidemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, China-US trade and other adverse factors, the world political and economic situation is extremely unstable... This is a world full of uncertainties, a period of coexistence of opportunities and challenges for private enterprises, enterprises need to regain the spirit of hard work, pioneering innovation and overcoming all difficulties, under the new round of challenges, break a new ground.

Chairman Zhang Maoyi told from the bottom of his heart the journey of entrepreneurship and the hardships of the development and growth of the enterprise. He encouraged the employees that if we want to open new markets under the new pattern, we need to continue to carry forward the spirit of "four thousand". We should continue to carry forward the spirit of "forward looking sharply as a tiger, and act produently as a bull", put "stability" first, practice the business tradition of "hard work, diligence and frugality", reduce costs, and successfully weather the economic winter.