JASAN Starts Hai Phong New Factory Construction in Vietnam


On the occasion of celebrating 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Zhejiang Jasan Holding Group Co., Ltd. staged a lively scene of evacuation and construction in Hai Phong Base.


There are 3 production bases in Vietnam for Jasan, which are located in Hai Phong, Hung Yen, and Than Hoa. Hai Phong Base was founded in 2014, which is the earliest and currently the largest overseas socks production base, covering an area of 10 hectares. So far, the base has already launched 4 factories, including 2,200 socks knitting machines, with total annual capacity of 180 million pairs of high and mid end knitted socks. The main customers include HAA, GAP, Gildan, Stichd and Uniqlo etc.


In order to comprehensively improve the existing production process, meet the demand of high-end customers for increasing capacity, at the same time dealing with great change and challenges of the global economic pattern and the industrial development pattern, JASAN Group makes the corresponding strategic alignment in a timely manner, to establish the fifth factory in Hai Phong Base, adding about 700 socks knitting machines, with an expected annual capacity of 50 million pairs of socks.

The new factory started construction since the beginning of this month, and plan to launch production in March, 2023.


Under the principle of high quality development, JASAN Group is guided by innovation, green and fashion, to achieve integrated layout of global supply chain, constantly consolidate and enhance the leading position in industry, and committed to building a global knitted sportswear manufacturing lead.