Warm Congratulations to JASAN for Selected as ESG Top 100 China Listed Companies


On Sep. 22nd, the 16th China Listed Company Value Forum hosted by Securities Times was successfully held in the form of metaverse. After several links of financial screening, online voting, expert and authority review, the award winners of the 16th ESG Top 100 of China Listed Company were announced on the same day. Among them, Jasan Group was successfully selected.

The main performance of Top 100 ESG China listed companies are: 1. The average score of three dimensions in terms of environment, society and governance is above CSI 300; 2. ESG information disclosure is both excellent in quantity and quality, and ESG report disclosure rate for 2021 reached 91%, with relatively full disclosure for key indicators, and present its related practices through self-recommended report or ESG report; 3. Good market performance, with average growth rate for last 3 years are obviously above CSI 300 index.