Experts from Zhejiang Textile Engineering Society Visited JASAN Jiangshan Base


On Sep. 23rd, Mr. Li Qizheng, the vice president and secretary general of Zhejiang Textile Engineering Society and the president of Zhejiang Sci-tech University Magazine led the team of 9 experts including Prof. Chen Weiguo from School of Textile Science and Engineer of Zhejiang Sci-tech University as well as Prof. Zheng Jinhuan, the director of National & International Science and Technology Cooperation Base for Daily Use Chemistry visited Zhejiang Jasan Holding Group Co., Ltd. Jiangshan Base for survey and exchange.


Ms. Guo Xianghong, Jasan vice president and vice president of Zhejiang Textile Engineering Society, Mr. Jiang Feng, general manager of Jiangshan Base, Mr. Fang Wei, the chief technical engineer and Mr. Wang Xiliang, general manager of Jiangshan Jasan New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. attended the reception. Ms. Guo introduced overall industrial chain layout within the Group, and accompanied their visit and made detailed explanation.

Jasan Jiangshan Base is the largest socks manufacturing base owned by Jasan, and is also the first batch of industrial leading company in Jiangshan city. The production base takes up 30 hectares in space, which is composed of Jiangshan Jasan Industrial Park and Hecun Industrial Park, including 5 standard socks factories, 1 spandex covered yarn factory, and 1 yarn dyeing mill. It owns the most advanced socks knitting machines imported from Italy and Japan, as well as 2,600 sets of dyeing machines, and over 2,300 employees, annually produce nearly 200 million pairs of mid-to-high end socks.


Jasan top management accompanied experts visited the whole process for covered yarn, cotton yarn and nylon production, as well as socks production including knitting, embroidery, spot printing, sewing, washing, finishing and packing, as well as R&D lab. In particular, the experts made valuable suggestions on dyeing and finishing process as well as technical difficulties.


In recent years, Jiangshan Base takes “Industry 4.0” as development goal, through the application of Big Data information technology, IOT technology and robotic machines, actively implement “replace operator with robot” and integrate IT application with industrialization, vigorously promote intelligent manufacturing, to realize quality and efficiency improvement and transformation toward digital production.


Colleges and Universities are the cradle of cultivating enterprise talents, and enterprises are the practice bases of science and technology. Thanks for the visit and guidance of experts and professors from Zhejiang Textile Engineering Society and Zhejiang Sci-tech University and hope this survey can open a new chapter in school-enterprise cooperation.